Ground Penetrating Radar for Forensic Investigations

Find the Missing Piece to the Puzzle with GSSI GPR Systems

Ground penetrating radar is a key tool used by law enforcement and crime scene investigators for locating clandestine burials and buried objects. GPR has been instrumental in locating victims, hidden caches of weapons or evidence, and helping to locate the remains of soldiers and civilians killed in war zones.

Uncover Hidden Evidence with GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar

GSSI ground penetrating radar can assist law enforcement and crime scene investigators in locating evidence behind brick or concrete walls, wooden floors or in hidden compartments. Ground penetrating radar can also aid in ruling out suspect areas in minutes.

2D linescan collected with a SIR-3000 and 400 MHz
illustrates a suspicious anomaly.

Locating Remains with Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground penetrating radar is an invaluable aid to law enforcement in locating disturbed sites and shallow graves that are nearly undetectable when viewed from the surface.

2-dimensional (top) and 3-dimensional
(bottom) images identifying a potential burial site.