Software RADAN

RADAN® 7: Optimized for Windows® 7

The Most Advanced GPR Data Processing Software

RADAN is GSSI's state-of-the-art post-processing software. With its modular design, this program allows users to select the processing functions that best suit their professional needs. RADAN is also Windows™ based, providing a familiar and easy-to-use environment for all levels of experience.

RADAN Benefits

  • Familiar, easy-to-use Windows based system
  • Easy Processing feature- automated processing wizard that recommends the best processes for cleaning up and improving data
  • On-screen help features
  • Application specific modules
  • Add company logo, when printing directly from RADAN

Advanced Features

  • Performance - multiple software threads are able to run in parallel, enabling higher levels of software performance and speed
  • Enhanced, easy-to-use 3D capabilities
  • Batch Processing - significant enhancements to speed repetitive tasks such as processing large data sets
  • GPS and 3D Integration - software will allow easy integration of 3D data sets that have been collected with GPS positioning information, allowing interpolation of non-parallel lines
  • AutoCAD Target output – seamless output of interpreted data results to AutoCAD
  • Ideal for single- or multi-channel data processing

The Next Generation of 3D Mapping is Here: RADAN 7's 3D module

The 3D module provides enhanced 3D viewing options in a single dialog box. Users can stretch, shrink or zoom in on files as desired for customized presentation results. The 3D module also allows the entire data cube to be “sliced and diced” along various x, y, and z planes. This allows the user to easily interpret complex areas and to make sense of the data. With this module’s simple, intuitive click-and-drag interface, viewing multiple slices and rotating the data for a better view has never been easier.

The 3D module also affords users the ability to show multiple interactive views of 2D and 3D data simultaneously and to create shapes (pipes, drums, lines, etc.) in the GPR data, which can then be exported for integration with CAD drawings. This way, the data can be presented to the client in a familiar, easy to understand format. All of these 3D options provide users with unparalleled data interpretation and presentation capabilities that allow them to showcase their expertise, make better interpretations and get more jobs.


Map Bridge Deck Deterioration with RADAN 7's BridgeScan Module

The BridgeScan Module allows users to:

  • Identify rebar
  • Calculate concrete cover over rebar on new deck structures
  • Perform deterioration-mapping

This module incorporates GSSI's patented data analysis method and is designed for post-processing and analysis that are streamlined specifically for bridge deck data. This software module is ideal for large bridge deck structures with typical two-layer orthogonal grid reinforcement patterns.


Conduct Pavement Layer Analysis with RADAN 7’s RoadScan Module

RADAN's RoadScan module is designed for use with horn (air-launched) antennas. This module uses a signal calibration technique (where a metal plate reflection amplitude is compared, scan by scan, to raw data obtained from pavement analysis surveys) that measures significant layer interface amplitudes from the pavement data and calculates the propagation velocity of the GPR signal through the pavement layer media.

This is significant because it allows pavement thickness, base thickness and other pavement structure properties to be calculated without the need for ground-truth (core) data.

This software module includes automatic and interactive layer interpretation, automatic and interactive pavement thickness (but user can specify core data, if desired), and provides output of signal and position information to an ASCII database for roadway condition assessment.


Interpret Targets with RADAN’s StructureScan Module

The StructureScan module is the heart of GSSI's StructureScan systems. This powerful tool allows for easy creation of plan view slices to aid in interpretation of StructureScan data files.

The versatility of this module allows for a broad range of civil/structural applications, including structures with different types of reinforcement.

  • Semi-automatic mapping of rebar locations and depths on simple concrete structure
  • Interactive location mapping of conduits within concrete structures

Recommended System Requirements for RADAN 7

  • Microsoft Windows® 7 (32 or 64 bit)
  • Intel Core i5 (or better) processor
  • 3+ GB system memory
  • 500+ GB hard drive with a minimum of 100 GB available space
  • 256+ MB dedicated graphics chipset with OpenGL drivers(Note: We only support NVidia and Intel graphics chipsets)

Minimum System Requirements for RADAN 7

  • Microsoft Windows® XP
  • 1.0+ GHz Pentium 4 (Note: We do not support single core single thread processors)
  • 2 GB system memory
  • 160 GB hard drive with a minimum if 20 GB available space
  • 128 MB graphics chipset with OpenGL drivers (Note: We only support NVidia and Intel graphics chipsets.)

RADAN 6 is a powerful post-processing software program that provides high-level data processing capabilities for GSSI GPR hardware. RADAN 6 is used as the basis of the SIR-20 control unit and also serves as a standalone post-processing package.

RADAN 6 Features

  • On-screen help features
  • Enhanced, easy-to-use 3D capabilities
  • Full color, easy-to-interpret presentations
  • Automatic GPS integration
  • Advanced filtering processes
  • Application specific modules

Modules Include

  • Interactive 3D module
  • Structure ID module
  • Bridge Assessment module
  • Road Assessment module