Using Ground Penetrating Radar for Underground Utility Locating

Locating Underground Utilities with GPR and EM

Utility locators, construction professionals, environmental firms and land surveyors need a reliable, non-destructive method to locate subsurface targets prior to:

  • digging
  • trenching
  • conducting site assessments
  • mapping

The UtilityScan and Profiler EMP-400 are the preferred tools by professionals based on accuracy and ease of use. These attributes make it a necessary tool for damage prevention on construction sites.

Locate and Map Underground Utilities with GPR

Construction professionals, utility locators and engineers can locate the depth and position of metallic and non-metallic pipes in real time using the GSSI UtilityScan. GPR can enhance one's overall understanding of subsurface targets and obstructions.

Data set showing two PVC utilities. Data collected
with a SIR-3000 and a 400 MHz antenna.

Use GPR to Identify Underground Voids

Construction professionals, engineers and transportation departments can identify and delineate voids under the surface with ground penetrating radar.

Data illustrates a void under a roadway.
Data collected with GSSI UtilityScan system.

Locating Duct Banks with GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar

Utility locators, surveyors and engineering firms can locate the position and depth of utility duct banks by using GSSI ground penetrating radar (GPR).

2D data set showing a duct bank with five utilities.
Also shown is a well-defined excavation trench.
Data collected with UtilityScan system, using a
400 MHz antenna.

Locate Septic Systems with GSSI GPR and EM

Contractors and construction professionals can quickly identify tanks, pipes, and leech fields in septic areas using GSSI ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic induction (EM) equipment.

Plotted EM data of a septic tank in a residential
back yard in southern New Hampshire.  The data
shown was collected on a closely-spaced grid with
the Profiler EMP-400 and shows a very distinct,
high-response target in the middle of the survey area.

Locate Underground Storage Tanks with Ground Penetrating Radar

Contractors, engineers and utility locators use ground penetrating radar to accurately pinpoint underground storage tanks and associated piping.

2D data set showing multiple underground storage
tanks. Data collected with a SIR-3000 and a 400 MHz